Revel for Production Setup on Ubuntu with Nginx and Supervisor

July 11, 2018

I recently launched a Revel app, and despite their relatively good docs, I really had to piece together how to get this thing running on my Ubuntu 16.04 server. So today, I’m going to go through how to launch a Revel app on Ubuntu, with NGINX and Supervisor. We’ll use the “Hello World” revel app, but feel free to use whatever you’ve been working on. This article assumes you already have a fresh instance of Ubuntu 16. ... Read more

MEAN Angular2 JWT Setup

January 15, 2017

Now that Angular 2 is out, I wanted to set up a site using NG2 and Node. The project I made required users to create accounts, login, logout, etc. I did some reading and pulled from some great articles, like this, and this, which I recommend reading. For this tutorial, we’ll create a project using Express, Node, and JSON Web Tokens (JWT). You can check out the full code at Github. ... Read more

NG2 Image Loading

November 13, 2016

We’ll be using the Angular CLI to build out a small project to demonstrate this, so you’ll need it installed on your machine. If you don’t have the CLI, you can get it on their GitHub page. You can check the final code for this project on GitHub. NG Build a project Let’s start by building out a small project to see this in action. In your terminal, navigate to where you want your project to live and run ng new async_img. ... Read more

Angular 2 WP Theme - Routing to Individual Articles

October 2, 2016

This is the second part in a series. This post won’t make a heck of a lot of sense if you haven’t read the first, which you can read at Angular 2 WP Theme Setup. The full source code can be viewed on GitHub. Updated for final version of Angular 2 In the first part of this tutorial, we set up Angular 2 with the WP API 2. (Update: Plugin no longer necessary if you’re using anything above WP 4. ... Read more

Angular 2 and WordPress Theme Setup

October 1, 2016

Note: This has been updated to reflect the final release of Angular 2.0 and WordPress incorporating the API into their core. The full source code can be viewed on GitHub. Today, we’ll be building a simple WordPress theme using Angular 2.0, the Angular CLI, and the WP REST API 2 plugin. The CLI is still in beta, but WordPress just recently incorporated the API into their core. No plugin needed. ... Read more

Adding a Featured Image to Angular 2 WP Theme

March 20, 2016

– Updated 4/14/16 – As of the new WordPress release 4.5, the featured image response has changed. The article is now updated to reflect that. This article is part of a running series, building an Angular 2 WP Theme. The full source code can be viewed on GitHub. Since both Angular 2 and WP API 2 are in beta, there will be changes In the previous article, we created a single article page, and the ability to route to it from a list. ... Read more

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